2014 Census

The 2014 Uganda Population and Housing Census

The Government of Uganda, through the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) is preparing to conduct the next National Population and Housing Census in August 2014. The last such census was conducted in September 2002. The Census was postponed from last year to this year August 2014.

This is the 10th Census to be conducted in Uganda, the 5th after Uganda gained her Independence and the 2nd to be conducted by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics.

The Census night will be on the 27th and 28th of August 2014.

The Census exercise will be covered in 10 days from the 28th Aug to 6th Sept, 2014 ;

Door to Door, Interviews with Household Head during the Day time ONLY to  ALL Persons who will spend the Census Night in the country

The theme for 2014 Census is Counting for Planning and Improved Service Delivery

What is a Population Census?

The total process of collecting, compiling, analyzing, publishing and disseminating, demographic, social and economic data pertaining to all persons in a country at a specific point in time.

Importance of population census
To provide benchmark data for national and lower level planning
To provide an accurate count of the people; where they are and what their needs are
To guide central and local governments in resource allocation
To identify and plan for special interest groups (children, OVC’s, Widows, Women, Persons with disabilities, IDP population, ethnic minority, etc) for social protection,
Benchmark information for human rights such as National ID cards, birth registration

Objective of Census 2014
The main objective is to ensure availability of bench-mark demographic and socio-economic data for use in planning, policy formulation and programme evaluation

There have been a lot of activities taking place and since then , a lot has been achieved and therefore it is the duty and pleasure of the census 2014 team to share these plans, achievements and challenges with all the stakeholders. UBOS will therefore use a number of communication channels to disseminate the information in order to educate, inform and create a census knowledgeable society.

Pre census activities

Some of the pre-census activities included these listed below:

  • Planning for Census 2014 started in 2008 with the formation of a Task Force
  • Have been working with different stakeholders though our operations were Centralized.
  • Census Management Structures set-up
  • Census Identity developed and launched
  • Census instruments developed and tested
  • Census Mapping – All districts have been completed
  • Carried out a Pilot Census in 21 districts
  • Census Advocacy and Publicity Campaign launched on 18th November 2013 by the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga.
  • Advocacy meetings started with Accounting officers, religious and cultural leaders, Members of Parliament, Media houses, District
  • Census Publicity Officers and Artistes in 2013.

The 2014 Population and Housing Census was launched in November 2013 by the Speaker of Parliament Honourable Kadaga Rebecca.


UBOS’ Appeal: Support, participate and provide correct Information

The Census 2014 Road Map
Census Advocacy and Publicity Campaigns Nov 2013 – Sept 2014
Recruitment and Training of Field staff at the various levels April – August 2014
Census Night Night of 27th – 28th August 2014
Census Enumeration 28th August – 6th Sept 2014
Publication of Provisional Results  October 2014
Post Enumeration Survey  October 2014
Data processing , Analysis and Dissemination September 2014 – December 2015

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