Census Publicity and Advocacy

This activity is necessary for maximum participation to address existing beliefs, values, perceptions and practices. This will be done through the use of multi-media and multi-partnerships with emphasis on being non-political, non-partisan innovative long process.

The objective of Advocacy and publicity is to

  • To contribute to the success of the census through:
  • increase stakeholder awareness about the census and its importance,
  • Articulate Stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Obtain full stakeholder support and cooperation.


Advocacy for the 2014 Census is mainly  :

  • To enhance Government Commitment
  • To enhance Stakeholder support
  • To influence government and other stakeholder positions, programs, resource allocations and statements

aims of publicity

  • To create public awareness
  • To enhance public knowledge
  • To seek public support
  • To ensure public participation

timing of publicity campaigns
undertaken for all field based aspects of the census including;
the pre-enumeration, main enumeration, post enumeration phases.
Coverage and intensity varies with time
Publicity during census enumeration to be most intensive and widespread
Publicity campaign to start 6 months to enumeration (End of Feb 2014)
Intensity to increase at the launch of 100 days to Census  (Census Education, Mr Census)
To climax during enumeration.

There are various channels that will be used to publicize and advocate for the census 2014 and these will include:

  • Census Ambassadors/ Champions/ Advocates
  • Workshops and Advocacy meetings
  • Print and Electronic Media (Talk shows, Spots, jingles)
  • Information Materials (Billboards, banners, posters, fliers, etc)
  • Advocacy Materials (T-Shirts, calendars,)
  • Documentation and News Coverage
  • Institutional Channels (e.g Schools,  places of worship, Parliament, etc)
  • Associations, organizations, private sector (eg Markets, utility companies, manufacturers etc.)
  • Target workshops, Symposia and seminars
  • Community and Social Media (Video shows, SMS Media, documentaries)
  • Drama, Music and Entertainment

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