Resource Requirements

To date, the Government of Uganda has provided a total of UGX 28 billion towards the Census preparatory activities. In addition, UBOS has received UGX 2.7 bn from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and UGX 2.5 bn from DFID. In order to undertake the Census enumeration in August 2014, UBOS requires a total of UGX 115 bn, of which UGX 75 bn is required in the FY 2013/14, while the balance of UGX 40 bn is required in the FY 2014/15. The Government of Uganda is committed to funding the 2014 Census and has provided UGX 50.4 bn in the FY 2013/14 towards the Census exercise leaving  a funding gap of UGX 25 bn. Thus the extra resources required to enable the Bureau undertake the enumeration and provided the Provisional results is UGX 65 bn.

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