Annual Release Calendar

The Release Calendar is used to show that UBOS is predictable and professionally independent, and that it treats all users equally. Click here to access the 2016 Annual release calender

The calendar shows publishing dates of statistics, articles, publications and journals, as well as upcoming events. The calendar is updated continuously. Statistics are released at precisely 11 am every working day.

Most monthly statistics and some quarterly statistics and bulletins release dates are available in advance. Other products, such as publications and articles, must also notified in good time, and no later than the day before publishing.

Release dates will only be changed in exceptional cases, like when there is late delivery of data, where extra quality assurance is needed, or illness. Changes will be communicated. Release dates cannot be changed by clients or any other external parties.

A list of selected statistics , publications and events and a link to the statistics release calendar will be sent out every month. To receive the list,please send an email with your details to