Uganda National Household Survey Findings 2009/2010
Uganda National Household Survey Report 2009/2010

 Welcome to the Uganda National Houshold Surveys Report 2009/2010

Household surveys are an important source of information for monitoring outcome and impact indicators of international and national development frameworks. Since 1989, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has conducted large-scale surveys that have nationwide coverage. The surveys have had varying core modules and objectives.

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This report consists of thirteen chapters :

1. Introduction

2. Household and Household Populaiton

3. Educaiton

4. Labour Force and Time use

5. Health

6. Household Expenditure and Poverty Estimate

7. Household Incomes, Loans and Credit

8. Welfare levels

9. Housing and HOusehold Condtion

10. Culture

11. Vulnerable groups

12. The Informal Sector

13. Other Community Characteristics

sampling Errors

Appendix tables and


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