Job application instructions

In order to be considered, applications must:
  • Be submitted online
  • Be received by the closing date for submission
  • Prepare relevant documents related to your qualifications and skills in pdf format of not more than 1 MB (other formats will not be considered)

To apply online, follow the instructions below:

  • Create an account or Login if you already have an account on our job portal.
  • Use the registered email and password to login into the system. Provide a valid email address which will be used for future communications.
  • You will then be redirected to the Job Vacancies page where you can apply for any of the listed vacancies.
  • Identify the open posts in the Job vacancies page and click on "Details" to see the post description.
  • Make sure you comply with the eligibility criteria, the competences and skills required for the post as specified in the vacancy notice.
  • Click Apply Now for any of the vacancy you are interested in.
  • You can log in and out of the system at any time and all changes will be saved. Navigate to any part of the form using the links on the left. Moving from one section of the form to another automatically saves your information. Make sure to complete your application before the close of submissions.
  • The application form has a sequence of steps related to Personal data, Education Qualifications, Relevant Training, Employment Record and referees. Fill in the form with all the required information up to the declaration step.
    You Must agree to the declaration in order to proceed to Job application submission step.
  • Don't forget to logout after completing your application. You can come back to make any changes as you may deem necessary.

NOTE: You will only be shortlisted for the jobs you have applied for. Make sure to do so on the Job Vacancies page
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