The Uganda Bureau of Statistics is involved in so many other statistical Activities.

These activities are :

    • Surveys which include business, population and households
    • Poverty Mapping
    • Censuses (Liivestock, Population, Agricultural, Business)
    • Advocating for Statistics through media, Education institutions, Statitistical organisation
    • Statistical Research in collaboration with other research organisations
    • Plan for the National Statistical Development (PNSD) and ensuring all governement organisatons embrace Statistics
    • National Databank: to ensure all statistical data is archived and can be accessed by other users
    • Geographical Information Systems: involved in producing digitised maps
    • Capacity Development : involved in training officers at the different statistical levels on useful tools needed for the statistical industry and
    • District Profiling and Community Information Systems
    • Monthly data collection on Consumer Price Indices
    • Quarterly data collection on Producer Price Indices
  • Quarterly data collection on Construction Indices

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