UBOS is taking on the challenge of educating the public about the importance of statistics to society, and raising the profile of statistics .

This will help in

  •     developing more effective and responsive National Statistical Offices and NSS.
  •     aid in seeking for public support for Statistical Activity
  •     explaining the role of statistics as a resource for evidence-based policy and decision making
  •     illuminating the role of statistics in result-oriented and innovative management, Monitoring and Evaluation, and planning.

Therefore in light of the above

UBOS in collaboration with some of the media companies prepares public presentations for the Television shows and the newspapers.

Public Seminars are organised by UBOS in collaboration with policy makers and users of statistics ( stakeholders ) are held at the statistics house conference hall once every month.

Presentations of analysis and research findings using data routinely collected by UBOS to the public are being done in collaboration with other stakeholders

UBOS together with the Uganda Statistical Society (USS) is involved in a forum through which members are registered annually. UBOS is involved in all the activities

Through high profiling statistical events, national and Africa wide like the statistics week, the Statistical Conference Uganda Bureau of Statistics is educating the public about the use of statistics. UBOS celebrates the Africa Statistics Day every year.

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