District Statistics and Capacity Development

Since 1993, Uganda has been pursuing decentralised governance functions which led to the devolution of power and functions of planning, service delivery and management of basic services from the Central Government to Local Authorities. As a result of the decentralization process, there was need for data for planning, monitoring, and evaluation of development programmes at the Local Government level which was not readily available. Data was also required for Local Government Annual Transfers from the Centre and from the Higher Local Governments to Lower Local Governments.

To respond to the demand for data by the Local Governments, the Bureau established a specific Directorate named “Directorate of District Statistics and Capacity Development”.
The Directorate works closely with the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), Higher and Lower Local Governments in Uganda to contribute to the strengthening of the decentralisation policy that mandates local governments to plan and implement development programmes. The Directorate is responsible for the implementation of the Community Information System (CIS) and the following core products; District Profiles, District Capacity Development Modules, District Statistical Abstracts, District Facility Statistics, CIS database and the Harmonised Databases.

Corporate Objectives

To support the provision of small area statistics to facilitate community level planning and targeting and enhance statistical capacity development for data management among the staff of local governments and MDAs.

Organization Criteria (Sections)

The Directorate is constituted by two Sections;
Statistical Capacity Development: Responsible for designing and supporting the development of statistical capacity within districts.
Local Government Statistics: Coordinates and assists in the generation and management of local government statistics. This Section is composed of two Sub-Sections- (i) Community Statistics (ii) District Profiling and Administrative Records.

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