Statistical Capacity Development

About us

The Section was established to design and support the development of capacity within ministries, departments and local governments to produce, handle and utilise statistical data and information. It is tasked with the responsibility of strengthening the capacity of officials from Higher Local Governments, Sector Ministries and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and other stakeholders in collecting, managing and dissemination of data for informed decision making. The various avenues through which enhancement of skills is done include; training, mentoring, attachment and equipping. The Section also co-ordinates the Internship Programme for second year Statistics Students from the collaborating Universities.

Basic Training Modules
Seven training modules were developed with guidance of a technical team from the Statistical Services Centre (SSC) of the University of Reading, UK and also in partnership with the various Universities in Uganda namely; Gulu University, Kum University, Uganda Christian University – Mukono, School of Statistics and Applied Economics – Makerere, Islamic University in Uganda – Mbale, Ndejje University and Mbarara University of Science and Technology. The training modules that were developed are;

  1. Module 1: Building Confidence in Statistics
  2. Module 2: From the Data to the Report
  3. Module 3: Data Collection Techniques, Instrument Design, Sampling and Survey Design
  4. Module 4: Data Analysis using a Specialised Statistical Package: STATA
  5. Module 5: Project Cycle Management and Statistics
  6. Module 6: Training the Statistical Trainer
  7. Module 7: Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Data Collection and Analysis

Engagements with Higher Local Governments (HLGs)
Trainings are organised at regional level and hosted by the collaborating universities. Request for persons to undertake this training are sent out to the Chief Administrative Officer (the technical head of the district) to nominate a participant. It is emphasized that the participant should be a person handling data at the district.

How do I Access Opportunities

Institutions (HLG/MDAs/NGOs) that require technical support also write to the Executive Director, UBOS specifying the kind of training/ support they would like and liaison is made to ensure that implementation is done to the client’s satisfaction.
Sometimes the training carried out are tailored to suite the requirements of the team to be trained. They therefore do not follow the modules presented but combine elements of the modules depending on the stakeholders’ training needs. Training in each module takes about six (6) days.

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