Plan for National Statistical Development

Rationale for the PNSD

The PNSD is a framework for strengthening statistical development of the National Statistical System (NSS) in order to support the results-based policy agenda of the Republic of Uganda. The PNSD envisions Uganda’s NSS to be “A World Class National Statistical System” with key partners playing lead roles in nurturing the system through innovative and responsive processes, procedures and practices in accordance with sector mandates and competencies.

The PNSD was officially launched by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda, as a peak activity during the opening of Statistics House, on October 12th 2006 and it is approximately three years since Uganda started implementing this plan.

Sixteen (16) MDAs have been mainstreamed into the PNSD and each has developed a Sector Strategic Plans for Statistics (SSPS). The PNSD underpins the notion of identity, fostering of collaboration and cooperation among sectors engaged in data production and utilization, adherence to standards and overall harmonization of statistical production.

The links below lead you to the Bulletins, publications and reports that have so far been produced inline with Plan for National Statistical Development activities:

PNSD Bulletins

National Statistical System essential Documents

Sector Statistical Abstracts

Sector Strategic Plans (SSPS) for the various sectors 2007 – 2011

National Statistical Meta Data Dictionary and UBOS Statistical Meta Data

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