Statistics is main core of steady development. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics is an efficient and user – responsive agency that
meets the growing demand for statistics on the social, economic and political developments in the country.

Technical services UBOS offers to the general public and institutions include:

  • Designing and conducting scientific sample surveys;
  • Providing standardized concepts and definitions in relation to data collection, processing, analysis and tabulation;
  • Reproduction of up-to-date maps;
  • Coordination of statistical production activities;
  • Publication of information and data produced.

The statistics provided on the website are provided in the different sections of the various directorates of UBOS. Detailed statistics can be provided after contacting the emails on the various specfic statistics sections.

It is the role of Uganda Bureau of Statistics to provide reliably collected and expertly analysed political, social and economic information.

While statistics is originally created for administrative purposes and to form the basis of decision-making, their general application and use has only become established during the past few years.

With tailor-made services, UBOS also tries to meet individual requirements and to provide the requested information to users in an easily accessible format and as quickly as possible.

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