Government Finance

The traditional function of government is to provide public services; such as law and order, defense, education, health, and welfare; and to redistribute income. To finance the provision of services governments impose taxes.

The government finance statistics reporting system is concerned with measuring the effectiveness of spending and the sustainability of fiscal policies. Therefore Government finance statistics (GFS) measure the financial activities of the government in an economy. It deals with the transaction in revenue, expense, Assets and Liabilities.

 Links to statistics tables (excel) 2006 – 2010

T1: Summary of Central Government Budgetary and Financial Operations, 2006/07 – 2010/11 (billion shillings)
T2: Classification of Revenue 2006/07 – 2010/11 (Million shillings)
T3: Function Classification of Central Government Recurrent Expenditure 2006/07 – 2010/11 (Mill shs)
T4: GDP by economic activity at current prices, bill shillings, calendar years
T5: GDP by economic activity at current prices, billion shillings, fiscal years
T6: Balance of payments statement, calendar years (million US $), 2008 – 2010

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