Data Availability
The external trade database on imports and exports is available from 1994 on wards, on a monthly basis for product category, commodity and direction of trade.


External Trade Bulletin is compiled annually, Statistical abstract contains external trade statistics tables, The Key Economic Indicators contains external trade statistics tables, the Background To The Budget (BTTB) contains tables on External Trade statistics tables and the Informal Cross Border Trade Report.


Indicator (Excel download) Years
Formal Imports by SITC Grouping (Millino US$) 1995- 2016 1981-2016
Imports By Origin (%age Share) 1981- 2016 1981-2016
Imports Value by Origin (%age Share) 1981 – 2016 1981-2016
Imports by Origin Million US$ 1981- 2016 1981-2016
Exports by Destination (%age Share) 1981 -2016 1981-2016
Exports and Imports 1981-2016 1981-2016
Exports By Destination (Million US$) 1981 -2016 1981-2016




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