Uganda National Panel Survey

The UNPS is scheduled to be carried out annually over a twelve-month period on a nationally representative sample of 2,300 households. It aims at producing annual estimates of outcomes and outputs in the key policy areas and at providing a platform for the experimentation and assessment of national policies and programs. One of the primary uses of the UNPS will be to inform policy in advance of the Budget; therefore running the data collection as a continuous process on a calendar year cycle should allow descriptive reports to be ready in time for the initial work on sector budget framework papers. Further analytical work should be prepared in time to inform National Budget preparations and other development frameworks.

The UNPS 2009/10 also includes a comprehensive agriculture module which will be administered annually to all households in the main sample identified during the main interview as being involved in crop and/or livestock or fishery production. The Agriculture Questionnaire with allow, among other things, for the estimation of land area, both owned and cultivated, as well as production figures for main crops and livestock, as well as for detailed cost of production for selected crops.

In addition to the Household and Agriculture Questionnaires, the UNPS comprises other instruments including a Community Questionnaire (to assess community characteristics including, economic infrastructure, and the presence of programs and interventions and well as information on facilities and access to services), and a Market Questionnaire.

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