Chris Ndatira Mukiza
       Executive Director

Imelda M. Atai Musana (PhD), Deputy Executive Director- Statistical Production & Development

Mr. Vitus K. Mulindwa, Deputy Executive Director – Corporate Services

Mrs. Helen Leticia Namirembe Nviiri, Director, Population and Social Statistics

Mr. James Muwonge, Director, Professional Services Unit / Project Management Unit

Mr. John Mayende, Director, Statistical Coordination Services

Mrs. Kaudha Aliziki Lubega, Director Macro Economic Statistics

Mr. Peter Opio, Director, Business and Industry Statistics

Mrs. Winifred Nankya Mulindwa, Director, District Statistics and Capacity Development

Mr. Godfrey Nabongo, Director Information Technology

Mr. Patrick Okello, Director Agriculture and Environmental Statistics

 Mr. Stephen Baryahirwa,
 Director,  Social Economic Surveys

Mr. Edgar Mbahamiza, Manager Communications and Public Relations

Mrs. Florence Obiro , Manager Finance and Administration

Ms. Winnie Nyemera (PhD),  Manager Geo Information Services

Mr. David Ocheng, Manager Internal Audit

Mr. Ojok Victor Ogwal, Head Procurement and Disposal Unit

Mrs. Pamela Ninsiima Kansiime, Manager  Legal Services and Board Affairs

Mr. Charles Walube, Manager Human Resources