Statistical Services

 Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) offers a number of  additional professional services. Among these UBOS provides  statistics tailored to your needs and one can also order your own unique survey.

The Bureau provides training on different courses or seminars offered every year, giving you a deeper understanding of statistics and those tools used for further processing and analysis.

Data Collection and Surveys

Uganda Bureau of Statistics can customize surveys according to the needs of our customers. In case you would like help with a part of your survey, such as questionnaire design or data collection, we can also assist you.

We offer a number of surveys that are designed in a package format to give guidance when, for instance, public service companies and private companies want to improve their operations.

UBOS is mandated by the statistics Act to collect data and process it. It therefore offers these services at subsidized rates.

Please visit the UBOS – Coordination Office

Resource Centre

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics Library has a resource center and is open to the public , between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday except for Public Holidays.

Statistical Consultancy

Although the Statistical Services at UBOS are being funded by the Government and other Donors, UBOS is interested in directly generating income with a view, in the medium term, to being in part self-supporting. To this end it is offering consultancy services for internal and external clients for which a fee would be negotiated for work carried out.
Our professionals will assist you in identifying your information needs and product portfolio and recommend the most appropriate Statistics Uganda products and services in line with your budget. This service includes custom data, maps, research and analysis.

Consulting services in statistical and survey methods

UBOS’ Statistical Consultation Group offers consultation, project management services, and statistical training services to government departments and agencies, public and private sector institutions, in Uganda and abroad.


UBOS offers internships to students, these are offered by departments in the Bureau, these are well-managed at the department level, and the students are registered for internships in such a way as to minimize any need to use EX grades.


Uganda Bureau of Statistics is an organization that offers equal employment opportunity to all applicants.Please visit the vacancies web page regularly for any opportunities.