Mandate, Vision and Mission


UBOS is the principal data collecting, processing, analysing and disseminating agency responsible for coordinating and supervising the National Statistical System.

 The Uganda Bureau of Statistics, formerly known as the Statistics Department under the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, was transformed into a semi-autonomous body by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics Act No. 12, 1998.

The decision to establish the Bureau arose from the need for an efficient and user-responsive agency that would meet the growing demand for statistics on the social, economic and political developments in the country.

The Bureau is, therefore, coordinating “the development and maintenance of a National Statistical System which will ensure collection, analysis and dissemination of integrated, reliable and timely statistical information.


To be ‘ A World Class National Statistics Office’.


'To coordinate the National Statistical System and provide quality statistical services that support development processes'.


Evidence Based Culture 

1.     Professionalism:The Bureau shall uphold internationally acceptable laws, ethics, conventions and standards of the statistical profession in order to produce quality statistics.
2.     Integrity:The staff of the Bureau shall be honest, accountable and.
3.     Mutual Respect:The Bureau and all actors shall support and respect each other.
4.     Team Work:The Bureau shall maintain effective team spirit through encouraging individual and team motivation.
5.     User orientation:The Bureau shall in execution of its mandate be demand driven and respond to user needs and priorities.

Guiding Principles

1.     Innovation:This refers to changes of techniques, approaches, technical activities or technologies to produce a statistics of offer a statistical service. It is about improvement of existing processes, investing in new processes and innovating to create value (new value-added products and services) that will meet the emerging needs of current and future data users.
2.     InclusivenessThe users and hence demand for data and statistics are fast growing both nationally and internationally.  The Bureau will put in place measures to ensure that the needs of all users are taken into consideration in the design and implementation of all data collection activities. However, the Bureau will remain cognizant of the fact that it is not the sole producer of statistics.  In this regard, efforts will be made to build the capacity of other producers of statistics in the country.
3.     Use of technologyWith the increasing demand for micro-level and real time data for decision-making, the Bureau will embrace the use of modern technology in all stages along the statistics value chain.

Strategic Goals and Outcomes

Attainment of the Vision and mission will be guided by three strategic goals:

Strategic GoalOutcomes
Goal 1: Strengthened development and production of quality statisticsReliable and comparable official statistics
Goal 2: Enhanced Coordination, Cooperation and Partnerships in statistical production and managementAligned Statistical programmes and development processes
Goal 3: Increased use of National Statistics for Development ResultsNational statistics facilitate good governance, accountability and societal development