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The Bureau intends to conduct the Uganda National Household Survey 2019/20. It is therefore seeking to recruit highly competent, motivated, results oriented, dynamic, team players of good character and high integrity to carry out the survey.


  1. Locate the structures and households in the sample which are assigned to him/her and complete the Household Questionnaire
  2. Interview all eligible members in the households assigned to him/her, using the Questionnaire
  3. Administer the respective questionnaire to all selected households
  4. Ensure that all questionnaires are filled accurately
  5. Responsible for the safety of all survey materials allocated
  6. Make the necessary preparation for the fieldwork
  7. Edit, compile data and cross check errors in the collected data
  8. Write field reports
  9. Submit duly completed questionnaires to the relevant authority
  10. Submit a performance report to the Human Resource with consent of all team members

Any other duties that may be assigned by the supervisor.

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